We, at Fabrica Blinds think and do things diferently....

The main goal is to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment. We have realised that going beyond environmental compliance makes us good business sense and can help us to improve our long-term success.

Fabrica blind aim is to reduce energy consumption, minimising waste, using raw materials more efficiently and preventing pollution will help us to:

  • Reduce risks and ensure we are complying with the law
  • Boost our reputation among customers, suppliers, investors and the local community
  • Increase employee morale, making it easier to attract, keep and motivate our staff
  • Increase business opportunities by meeting customer demand for sustainable business practice

At Fabrica Blinds our people are the most important part of our environmental success. As a company we involve and encourage all our employees to be environmentally responsible through regular training, instruction and awareness-raising activities.


  • Eco Friendly   
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Fairness and Honesty 
  • Cooperation and Team Spirit 
  • Determined Effort for Improvement 
  • Courtesy and Humility 
  • Gratitude 


We offer solutions for all your needs including light control, privacy and insulation, all at a great price! Our staff is dedicated to making your experience an enjoyable and stress-free process, from start to completion.